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FREE Termite and InfraRed Testing included with EVERY home inspection.

Home Inspections

We are certified and every home inspection is completed by an InterNACHI or ASHI Certified Home Inspector.

Pool Inspections

We'll inspect your pool thoroughly to identify any issues and provide appropriate recommendations.

Infrared Imaging

With the use of our infrared camera, we can help identify moisture, insulation, electrical, HVAC concerns, and more.

Mold/Air Quality Testing

An indoor air quality assessment helps you identify what can be contributing to poor indoor air quality.

Termite Inspections

Termites can go unnoticed until they cause catastrophic damage to your home.

Water Quality Testing

Find out if your water is safe and free from bacteria through our water quality testing service.

Helping You Get to Know Your Home

so you can make informed decisions

At Good Look Home Inspection LLC, our goal is to provide potential buyers, sellers, and homeowners with a comprehensive understanding of their property’s structural integrity, safety, and functionality. We are trained professionals who specialize in assessing your home’s major components, and since our home inspections are completely non-invasive, we will never perform any destructive testing or dismantle any structures. Our detailed reports allow you to make informed decisions about your property, both saving you time and money and granting you peace of mind.

We are a veteran owned Home Inspection company serving Phoenix AZ.

What We Inspect

Learn what aspects of your home our thorough inspectors cover.

Why Choose Us?

With all of the options you have for home inspectors, learn why we’re the best.

Sample Report

Learn more about what you can expect from our easy-to-read home inspection reports.

InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector

What is a Certified Master Inspector®?

Our owner and inspector is a Certified Master Inspector®, but what does that mean?

A Certified Master Inspector® Is...


All CMIs® have completed at least 1,000 fee-paid inspections and/or hours of training and education combined.


All CMIs® abide by the inspection industry's toughest Code of Ethics.


All CMIs® have agreed to submit to periodic criminal background checks.


All CMIs® have been in the inspection business for at least three years prior to becoming Board-Certified.


All CMIs® have completed professional education prior to being approved.

The Best

Not everyone can become a Certified Master Inspector®. Hiring a CMI® means hiring the best.

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